About Rudra Technosurf Pvt. Ltd.

About us

To make better tomorrow.

That is our only and only reason to exist. This is why we do things the way we do them. We don’t "exist" to just make profits.

We don’t exist for any reason except to make life better.

We exist to make life better for all our stakeholders. For our employees, that is those who constitute our existence. For our customers, that is the people we exist to serve.

We exist to make all their lives better in their own way. And it is this continuous pursuit of betterment that we shall stay in. Forever.

Our reason for existence is the only reason why we do everything. It has been for over 5 years. And why shouldn’t it be. We are blessed to have a reason for existence and a purpose in our life. We are blessed to have an opportunity to make our mark in the world and life of others.

We have continued to make life better by solving real problems - enabling progress for a whole generation of Indians and people around the world. We have continued to solve real problems by asking not, “why” but “why not” and thinking differently about things. We have always been the travelers of the road not taken, and we have done it with courage and conviction that solving real problems has real lasting impact on people’s life and helps us fulfill our purpose. Better means less complicated. It means simple. It means more beautiful and it means abundance, not scarcity. And these have been the driving principles along with thinking differently and challenging the status quo that have enabled us to deliver on our purpose for so many decades.

And we can only continue to deliver on our purpose by sticking to our principles. And following our principles with full ownership, with urgency, and with talent. Our values of doing things with ownership, urgently, with talent resulting in amazing work all around and customer delight are the enablers for us to follow our principles and deliver on our purpose. We can only make life better and continue to do so every day, every week, every year for forthcoming generations if we do it based on principles and sticking to our values.

These are the underlying fundamentals - the why and the how - of our existence. And while what we do will keep evolving and changing, our underlying fundamentals of why and how will not. Our fundamentals will continue to drive our thinking and actions and guide our overall decision making. Our fundamentals are the filter through which every decision must pass to be.

In current times, we continue to apply these fundamentals to solving the problem of broadband in our country, both wired and wireless.

Simply - because in 21st century it is "Roti, Kapda, Makan aur Broadband" ("Food, Clothes, House and Broadband").